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Recent Success Story

A 265-store energy upgrade for The Reject Shop has halved its energy use since implementing Sustainable Focus’s Energy Management System.

Our Results

Retail business: savings of 75%, payback 3 years

Light industry: savings of 60%, payback 4.5 years

Research facility: Savings of 40%, payback 3 years

A watchful eye over your energy use

We get to know your business and build you a customized and fully-automated energy control system that responds instantly to changing energy loads, conditions and wholesale prices. It’s key features are:

  • Equipment controls for heating, cooling, lighting, appliances, refrigeration etc.
  • Data logging of power consumption, temperature and occupancy patterns within your buildings. Metering systems display energy consumption and generate data in real time.
  • Monitoring that continually checks your business’s operations and generates reports and alarms if energy use is not at its optimum. This ensures the business is running at its maximum efficiency and allows you to squeeze every dollar saving out of the energy system.
  • Automatic solar and diesel generator activation. When the wholesale network prices spike, automatically switch to solar or diesel generation.

We have helped:

Independent Supermarkets gain energy savings between 50 and 70 per cent through new LED lighting and an automated system to regulate refrigeration, lighting, illuminated signs and air-conditioning. In addition, diesel and solar power generation can be activated automatically when energy demand and grid-power costs are highest.

Major Retail Chains transform by installing new LED lighting and automated systems to regulate lights, illuminated signs and air-conditioning. An automated monitoring system continually checks in-store energy use and generates reports and alarms if the stores are not running at optimal efficiency.

Distribution/Manufacturing businesses adopt multi-technology, energy-saving projects – with an automated energy control system at their core – allowing them to remotely control (and optimise) energy. This technology has cut energy use and costs by more than 70 per cent.

Lighting Upgrades

The cost of upgrading lighting at Adelaide University’s North Terrace Campus was cut by $140,000 by retrofitting LED lights designed and manufactured by Sustainable focus.

Sustainable Focus has significantly cut lighting costs in:

  • Commercial, industrial, retail, council and government buildings, universities and hospitals.
  • Solutions are designed room by room with energy savings of up to 60% per fitting.
  • Lighting upgrades include retrofitting or replacing existing fluorescent luminaires with new fluorescents or LEDs. Energy saving control measures include movement detection, daylight sensors and time switches.
  • We design and manufacture bespoke lighting solutions at considerably lower cost than mainstream commercial options.

Case Study: University of South Australia Cafe’


Heating and Cooling

  • We examine every energy-consuming element of your business and provide latest-technology alternatives and solutions.
  • In addition to energy efficient air-conditioning and water heating, we can also reduce energy costs associated with refrigeration, ventilation and appliances.
  • Our Building Management System improves control over heating, cooling and ventilation based on occupancy and environmental conditions.

Energy Audits

  • We examine your business (large or small) and identify ways to dramatically cut your energy costs without compromising your revenue.
  • Most energy audits identify potential cost savings of between 50% and 70%.

Our partnership with Sustainable Focus has seen significant energy and water savings from simple measures. Sustainable Focus has been able to quickly identify the win-win of reduced operating costs and improved environmental outcomes.
Chris Jeffs, Manager
Engineering Services, SA Pathology (IMVS)

Commercial Solar Power

Sustainable Focus gets more out of your solar systems with automated “smart” solar that can supply all your energy needs when the sun is shining and automatically reduce your energy consumption when the sun is not shining

Sustainable Focus designs, manages and delivers high quality solar power systems for existing commercial buildings. We are experienced in installing large (100kW) and small commercial solar power systems, and we have a track record of outperforming industry benchmarks. Anyone with a large roof space can reap the rewards of a commercial scale solar power system. Sustainable Focus has installed on the rooftops of commercial buildings, businesses, schools and community organisations across Australia – from 20 kilowatt arrays to multi-megawatt projects.

Diesel Generation

The price of self-generated power continues to fall but getting the design and integration right is the key to this being a successful investment.

Sustainable Focus can assess your energy needs and supply and install large (100kVA) or small diesel generators. To maximise the benefit of the installed generator it will be integrated into your customized automation system. This has the added benefit of demand management to minimise the cost of the fees paid to South Australian Power Network.

For larger customers who are buying electricity from the spot market, diesel generation is an integral part of the solution as it mitigates the risk associated with buying from the spot market.