Sustainable Focus have enhanced the way we run our assets. Our emissions are down, our costs are down, and the technology they have installed has given us a great level of visibility and control.
Sid Sharma

Group COO & HomeCo Daily Needs REIT CEO

We Have Helped

Independent Supermarkets gain energy savings between 50 and 70 per cent through new LED lighting and an automated system to regulate refrigeration, lighting, illuminated signs and air-conditioning. In addition, diesel and solar power generation can be activated automatically when energy demand and grid-power costs are highest.

Major Retail Chains transform by installing new LED lighting and automated systems to regulate lights, illuminated signs and air-conditioning. An automated monitoring system continually checks in-store energy use and generates reports and alarms if the stores are not running at optimal efficiency.

Distribution/Manufacturing businesses adopt multi-technology, energy-saving projects – with an automated energy control system at their core – allowing them to remotely control (and optimise) energy. This technology has cut energy use and costs by more than 70 per cent.

Sustainable Focus goes beyond and becomes a complete energy control solution for businesses.

  • Smart technology connected to live analytics tools for single or multi-site asset management & generate detailed reports of all energy aspects of your business.
  • Improve efficiency, through automatic control of loads, such as lighting, air conditioning, hot water services – automatically identifying savings opportunities.
  • Artificial Intelligence detecting unusual energy use or conditions & identifying problem centres and areas of poor performance.
  • Solar System monitoring and maintenance.
  • Supervise lifts and travellators.
  • Carbon and energy tracking.
  • Integration with power generation equipment, such as solar PV and diesel generation.
  • Globalisation for National Portfolio Management

Remote Maintenance

  • Eliminate unnecessary service visits to site and replace them with data-driven maintenance intervals.
  • Assess refrigerant performance and charges to ensure efficient operation of your HVAC.
  • Identify faults before service technicians arrive on-site, eliminating costly fault-finding time.
  • Validate repairs and interval services and ensure that what you pay for is what you were promised.

The energy savings delivered by Sustainable Focus have exceeded expectations. These energy upgrades will ultimately drive operating costs down across all Reject Shops nationally, which is good for our employees and our shareholders.
Ross Sudano,
Former Chief Executive Officer,
The Reject Shop

Automation & Control

The Reject Shop engaged Sustainable Focus to design and roll-out a National Energy System Optimisation project. An automated energy management system has been installed at each store to remotely control all the major power loads.

Annual Energy Reduction of 50% image

  • Maintain indoor air quality with CO2 sensors & automatic ventilation.
  • Allow ambient air to be used as free cooling.
  • Purge hot air & replace it with cool outside air.
  • Server-based temperature forecasting technology will prevent your AC from  working unnecessarily.

Investing in these upgrades has been a smart move for the council as they have significantly reduced our energy operating costs.
Jon Roberts - Asset Operations - City of Playford

Recent Success Story

HomeCo Keysborough Shopping Centre has reduced its energy consumption by 45%, and reduced CO2 emissions by 250 tonnes in one year since implementing Sustainable Focus’s Energy Management System.

Our Results – HomeCo Keysborough

Annual Energy Reduction: 45%

Annual Energy Savings: $80,000

Annual Demand Reduction: 30%

Annual CO2 Reduction: 250 tonnes

A watchful eye over your energy use

We get to know your business and build you a customized and fully-automated energy control system that responds instantly to changing energy loads, conditions and wholesale prices. Its key features are:

  • Equipment controls for heating, cooling, lighting, appliances, refrigeration etc.
  • Data logging of power consumption, temperature and occupancy patterns within your buildings. Metering systems display energy consumption and generate data in real time.
  • Monitoring that continually checks your business’s operations and generates reports and alarms if energy use is not at its optimum. This ensures the business is running at its maximum efficiency and allows you to squeeze every dollar saving out of the energy system.
  • Automatic solar and diesel generator activation. When the wholesale network prices spike, automatically switch to solar or diesel generation.

Our partnership with Sustainable Focus has seen significant energy and water savings from simple measures. Sustainable Focus has been able to quickly identify the win-win of reduced operating costs and improved environmental outcomes.
Chris Jeffs, Manager
Engineering Services, SA Pathology (IMVS)