HVAC Automation & Control

Efficiency Maximisation:

Sustainable Focus places a premium on maximising efficiencies within HVAC systems. Our automation and control systems enhance the overall performance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. This results in reduced energy consumption, reduced waste and improved operational efficiency.

Tailored Solutions for Energy Management:

Recognising the diversity of energy management strategies and standards across industries, our suite of HVAC solutions is highly customisable. We work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements, allowing us to tailor our systems to align with specific energy goals and sustainability objectives.

Indoor Air Quality Management:

Our HVAC automation includes the integration of CO2 sensors and automatic ventilation controls. This ensures that indoor air quality is maintained at optimal levels. The system intelligently monitors CO2 levels and adjusts ventilation rates accordingly, contributing to a healthier indoor environment for occupants.

Utilisation of Ambient Air for Free Cooling:

Sustainable Focus leverages the concept of free cooling by allowing the use of ambient air. During favourable weather conditions, the system automatically switches to ambient air when conditions suit, reducing the reliance on mechanical cooling systems. This conserves energy and lowers operational costs by capitalising on natural environmental conditions.

Hot Air Purging and Outside Air Replacement:

Our HVAC automation systems go beyond traditional approaches by incorporating hot air purging and outside air replacement strategies. During periods of excessive heat, the system purges hot indoor air, replacing it with cooler outside air, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature without unnecessary reliance on energy-intensive cooling systems.

Temperature Forecasting Technology:

Sustainable Focus integrates server-based temperature forecasting technology into our HVAC control systems. This advanced feature anticipates temperature fluctuations based on weather forecasts and historical data. As a result, the HVAC system can preemptively adjust settings to prevent unnecessary operation, conserving energy and reducing operational costs.

Remote Monitoring and Alerting:

Our HVAC automation solutions are equipped with remote monitoring and alert capabilities. This allows operators to monitor performance and receive alerts for potential issues. This proactive approach can minimise downtime and enhance overall system reliability.

Sustainable Focus’s HVAC Automation & Control systems represent a comprehensive solution for businesses, offering a sophisticated approach to HVAC control, contributing to economic and environmental sustainability.

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