Bluefit – Aquadome – 2022

Multi-technology upgrades usher in a sustainable future for the Aquadome

Bluefit Aquadome

BlueFit and The City of Playford are enjoying extraordinary energy savings and emissions savings after engaging Sustainable Focus to cut operating
costs at the cities Leisure Centre, the Aquadome. Sustainable Focus designed and installed a multi-technology solution that reduced gas and electricity costs for the site.


Key Outcomes

The substantial energy savings at the site has been achieved by methodically working with the centre managers at BlueFit to design a suite of solutions that save millions of dollars over the
lifetime of the equipment, without compromising the quality of the user’s experience.

The following is a selection of the equipment that was installed:
• 700kW electric heat pumps controlled by a unique algorithm were installed to facilitate fuel switching and minimize heating cost.
• Control measures were integrated with the systems to reduce the cost of pumping water during windows of high cost, the system optimises the selection of fuel sources to run the facility at the lowest possible cost. The demand management algorithms ensure SAPN costs are as low as possible.
• 250kW capacity solar systems were installed. The system is fully integrated into the Energy Management System.