SA Pathology – Solar Shading Project – 2013

Energy Efficiency, Solar Power

Hanson Side Banner

In an innovative first for Adelaide, Sustainable Focus designed and project managed the installation of a photovoltaic solar system, which doubles as eaves around the Hanson Institute building. This solution has reduced SA Pathology’s air-conditioning demand, while allowing the client to generate electricity.

Hanson Outside with worker fixing the glass
Hanson Building

Key Outcomes

This unique solution—of designing and installing solar panels which double up as window shades— is one of the largest solar-shading projects in Australia.

The building’s windows previously recorded 60C in summer making working conditions inside unbearable. In place of the traditional response of increasing air-conditioning capacity, Sustainable Focus designed a solution that improved the energy efficiency of the building while generating power from the sun. The project will pay for itself within 5 years and save 100 tonnes of greenhouse emissions a year.

Sustainable Focus and SA Pathology were highly commended at the Energy Efficiency Council Awards in November 2013 for their work on this project winning the National Award for ‘Best Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Project’.

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