National Packaging Company Warehouse – 2018

National Packaging Company slashes Operating Costs at new SA Warehouse Facility

Sustainable Focus Solar Funnel

A timely decision to cut electricity use by installing innovative energy-saving technology is now paying dividends for a national packaging chain. Sustainable Focus was engaged at the design stage of their new SA warehouse site to ensure the new building would be energy efficient. A range of key energy savings measures were then identified and implemented into the new facility over the course of the build. These included the installation of a 100kW solar system and a cutting-edge Energy Management System. Daily energy use at the new facility has been slashed and is now a fraction of what was consumed at the old one.



Key Outcomes

The energy-saving measures implemented have ensured the new facility only uses power when it’s needed, meaning the site is extracting the best value from the energy consumed.

A 100kW solar system was installed at the site to reduce mains dependence, with the system installed on tilt frames to maximise solar extraction. The design included the construction of a shading structure to ensure that the inverters operate at maximum efficiency all year round.

Together, the lighting and solar are automatically regulated by the new Energy Management System. This automation system is the key energy-saving measure of the project. It allows the lighting control system, air conditioning control, solar system and demand management strategies to work cohesively and efficiently, the effect of which is to significantly reduce the OPEX of the new facility compared with that of the old site.