HomeCo Keysborough – 2022

Optimising Retail Centre Operations for Cost Reduction and Sustainability

As part of HomeCo’s Energy Roadmap to reach net zero by FY28, a new Sustainable Focus Energy Management System has been integrated into the HomeCo Keysborough retail shopping centre to improve energy efficiency.



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Key Outcomes

The leading-edge Energy Management System controls the primary energy-consuming assets of the retail centre, such as HVAC, lighting, and hot water systems. The system collects data from various sources, including network demand response signals, using advanced algorithms to take automatic actions that optimise site operations in real time based on actual demand and environmental conditions. By optimising energy consumption, the system reduces the centre’s operational costs and carbon emissions.
Demand management response and control automations shift or reduce electricity usage during peak times to capitalise on time-based rates, reducing network demand costs without compromising indoor comfort. Solar monitoring and performance analysis alerts against faults or unusually low production to ensure solar performs well, creating maximum benefit and return on investment. HVAC remote maintenance eliminates unnecessary service visits to the site and replaces them with data-driven maintenance schedules. HVAC billing allows HomeCo to recover direct costs from individual tenants, reducing its expenditure. The global management suite allows HomeCo to monitor all sites with live data, enabling real-time adjustments and ensuring optimal performance of their managed real estate portfolio.