Flinders Medical Centre – 2011

Lighting Upgrade

flinders medical centre

The lighting upgrade of the 125,000 m2 Flinders Medical Centre—designed and installed by Sustainable Focus for SA Heath— has saved 1700 megawatt hours of electricity per year and has a 5-year pay-back period.

The project involved retrofitting high quality fluorescent lights—reducing the energy consumption of each light by 60 per cent.


Key Outcomes

Old lighting retrofitted with high efficiency ballasts – reducing the energy consumption of each light.

By reusing existing light fittings, the project is saving resources and avoiding waste generation.

The project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,665 tonnes each year, which is the equivalent of taking 550 cars off the road.

Reduced heat load on the air-conditioning system.

Reduced maintenance requirements by halving the number of lamps per fitting