Education Sector – 2019

Energy Savings secure Bright Future for local Primary School

Education Sector - 2019

A local primary school is already seeing great results after investing in innovative energy-saving technology with Sustainable Focus.
Working with the School Facility Manager, Sustainable Focus installed an integrated Energy Management System (EMS) at the school to manage all of the air conditioning and ventilation systems, as well as hot water and lighting, with a key deliverable being demand management.



Key Outcomes

The school had been struggling with capacity constraints, and a consultant originally advised a service mains upgrade and a (very expensive) new transformer would be required.
However rather than spend money on singular assets such as transformers, the school has embraced new technology that addresses capacity constraints and has delivered many other benefits:

  1. A much fresher and cleaner environment for the kids
  2. Stable temperatures
  3. Significant CAPEX savings
  4. Substantial energy consumption reduction
  5. Substantial demand reduction
  6. Substantial OPEX savings