Sustainable Focus turnkey solution has de-risked the energy supply for the Aquadome Aquatics and Leisure Centre

Energy Supply

A Sustainable Focus turnkey solution has de-risked the energy supply for the City of Playford’s Aquadome, which is now well-prepared for energy market volatility and is already seeing reduced OPEX even as energy prices continue to rise.

Despite heading into the most energy-intensive time of year for heating swimming pools and large airy spaces, the Aquadome (under the management of BlueFit) continues to see savings in its utility bills thanks to a suite of control system and plant equipment upgrades. This achievement can be credited to the adoption of an active fuel-switching and automated control system provided the team at Sustainable Focus.

The new energy management system now operates the aquatics and leisure centre on a fuel cost and efficiency basis which takes into account the live and predicted costs of gas and electricity, onsite solar generation and the calculated performance efficiencies of HVAC and pool plant equipment to result in data-driven decisions for fuel source selection.

The integration of our advanced demand management controls into this complex energy system acts to further reduce the growing retailer and network energy costs, as well as decrease the emissions associated with energy production.

The site’s electricity consumption will be reduced by 30%, and the gas consumption by 60%, which will result in a combined OPEX reduction of $250,000 per year. The project payback is predicted at 3-4 years.

If you want to get ahead of the utilities price hikes and de-risk the operation of your business, then reach out to the team to arrange a consultation and demonstration at our Energy Management Centre now.