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Published 8/12/2023

Equipment Optimisation Performance Health

A Tale of Success with Sustainable Focus EMS


At Sustainable Focus, we are excited to unveil a triumph that underscores our relentless dedication to energy efficiency and the well-being of equipment. This success story demonstrates the prowess of our Energy Management System and its unique capabilities.

The Situation:

In the realm of proactive equipment health monitoring, our EMS stands out for its real-time monitoring and energy optimisation features. Our vigilant system detected a critical issue at an aquatics centre, an erratic heat pump threatening irreversible damage and a shortened lifespan.

Visual Insight:

The image at the top of this page provides a vivid snapshot of the heat pump’s unusual behaviour. Thanks to our EMS, our team was promptly alerted, allowing swift intervention to restore performance and prevent potential damage.

Unique Feature:

This particular incident goes beyond the immediate benefits of energy savings. It highlights a unique aspect of our EMS, its ability to address a broader spectrum of equipment health concerns.

Business Impact:

The significance of this success story cannot be overstated. Left unchecked, the equipment in question could have failed years before its expected lifespan, resulting in substantial business downtime and replacement costs for Electric Heat Pumps amounting to thousands of dollars.

Holistic Approach:

Our EMS is more than an energy-saving tool; it contributes to a holistic approach to energy efficiency and equipment health. In an era where organisations increasingly prioritise sustainability, technologies like ours are indispensable, aligning seamlessly with the demand for comprehensive solutions.

Connect with Us:

To learn more about this success story or eager to explore the capabilities of our EMS technology? We invite you to reach out and discover how Sustainable Focus is leading the way in empowering sustainability through innovative solutions.