The Business Case for Energy Reduction.

Published 10/07/23

Energy Reduction

How does Sustainable Focus achieve energy reduction for businesses?

Sustainable Focus, your partner in energy efficiency, can guide your business through each step of the process to help you reduce energy costs and enhance operational efficiency. Sustainable Focus bridges the gap between good advice and real-world outcomes.

1: Our experts will review your current energy usage and infrastructure. This energy review will evaluate your energy consumption & tariffs, identify equipment upgrades, and uncover potential energy efficiency opportunities related to your operations. We will carefully assess the value, complexity, and associated benefits.

Sustainable Focus offers a range of capabilities, including:

 – Automation and control of assets for improved operational efficiency through our state-of-the-art Energy Management System
 – Integration of demand management and response systems to reduce network demand charges
 – Active remote maintenance solutions to reduce maintenance costs and extend the asset service life
 – Live analytics tools for single or multi-site asset management
 – Solar system integration with monitoring and maintenance
 – Carbon and energy tracking

2: We will determine energy-saving strategies and costs associated with implementing energy efficiency projects. Our team will explore various financing options, including government grants, co-financing packages, tradeable energy certificates, and on-bill financing. We can assist with state and federal government environmental certificates and carbon credit schemes, helping you maximise available funding across different programs.

3: Our experts will calculate the potential cost savings from energy efficiency. We will utilise data from our analysis to estimate the expected reduction in energy consumption. Additionally, we will consider savings from reduced demand charges, reduced maintenance costs, and decreased energy waste.

4: We will evaluate the financial viability of your energy efficiency project by determining the payback period. By prioritising energy-saving projects, you can reinvest the savings into future initiatives and expedite your progress toward environmental targets. We will help you achieve energy reduction success and build confidence in your energy plans.

5: We will identify the non-energy advantages of energy efficiency projects. Our experts will help you identify factors, such as increased equipment lifespan, improved comfort levels, and strengthen your financial position providing additional value to your organisation.

6: We will present a comprehensive energy management solution. Our team will provide detailed data and demonstrate the effectiveness of our Energy Management System, which will automate energy efficiency opportunities within your business and calculate potential cost savings and non-energy benefits. We will highlight any government grants or schemes that can offset project costs. By aligning the solution with specific objectives and benefits for each stakeholder, we aim to facilitate decision-making and implementation.

If you require further assistance identifying energy efficiency opportunities, our team of experienced energy experts at Sustainable Focus can support you. Please reach out to us to get started.